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No luck with data recovery, but...

DataPrey threw in the towel with the disk recovery, saying that they were unable to fix it, sorry.

However, since they had earlier told me that the problem revolved around getting a spare matching disk, I called them and asked for details. Well, turns out that yes, the problem was their inability to find an exact match for the disk, and they had closed the case because they were unable to resolve it in the maximum promised time.

As for the problem, turns out that at the time this disk was made, Maxtor was in the habit of changing the internals of the drives all the time, even within one model. So in addition to needing a Maxtor model 33073H3, it needs to be a very specific instance of that model. (3-4 other things also need to match, in addition to the model number).

Anyway, DataPrey has a long-term “seeking component X” list, so we put this drive there and reopened the case for the time being. They will continue to scan for matches for this drive, and they’ll send me the exact drive details needed so I can hunt for a match on my own, too. The world is a big place, and you never know, I might get lucky on eBay (DataPrey polls eBay too, now and then :).

So for now it looks like the data won’t be coming back. But there’s a small glimmer of hope, still.

As I was writing this I got email from DataPrey with the info, so I’ll jot that down here too. The drive needs to match to:


and it would be nice if it would also match to:


Those codes can be found on the label that is attached to the disk. If anyone has an old Maxtor (30,7 GB) drive that matches to those specs, I’d be very interested in it. I already sent queries to the few matches that I found on eBay.

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