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More specific Maxtor drive specs

Some more info from DataPrey, it seems that the actual “must match” data of the drive I’m looking for is the following:

Model: 33073H3 
Code: YAH814Y0 
PCB code: C9DLA

The other codes are not that important. Pity, since I managed to track down one eBayer with drives that matched everything except that “N,M,B,E” code. Back to the hunt, but it’s looking pretty iffy I have to say.

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    by Orava

    Just got back from London, this is a nice surprise.

    Jim, I emailed you asking for details, hope it gets through the spam filter thicket :).

    David, I have to say I’m very surprised to see you comment here, but thanks for the interest (and the bounty voucher offer). I have to say my experience with your company has been very, very positive so far, this is what I call customer service ;).

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    by David

    Hi All,

    I'm the CEO of DataPrey and any assistance is the location of a donor drive would be appreciated from us, and our customer Orava. As a token of our appreciation for the location of the drive we offer a 50% discount vouchure, towards our data recovery normal service charges for the person who supplies a matching HDD to complete this case.  This discount vouchure is a bounty for the HDD we are hunting for. The vouchure will be valid for 3 years against the total service charge for our data recovery service.

    – David Gelkin DataPrey CEO www.dataprey.fi

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    by jimhumphrey1967@aol.com

    hi, i think i have the maxtor harddrive you are looking for, let me know if you are interested in it, thanks for your time.

                          jim humphrey 

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