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Almost normal

So, the net connection moved ok. Obviously. Not visible to the outside, there is still a glitch: it’s hooked up via the most inconvenient wall socket available in the house. Apparently we have a lot of old landline connections running to our house, and of course the default one was not the one we would have wished. I called Elisa and asked about moving it, and the guy at the help desk said it’s something any electrician can do at our end (via the house company phone distribution box). Hmm. So right now we’re at trying to figure out who has the key to that box. Stay tuned.

The May Day snowboarding/skiing expedition to almost-Lapland (Ruka) was fun. It got of to a slow start; on Saturday we “only” spent 3+ hours on the slopes before calling it a day, and then on Sunday there was a near-storm – strong winds and snow whipping past. The good chair lifts were all closed due to wind, and all that was left was some of the anchor lifts. Since I hate anchor lifts on a snowboard and since there was a storm alert given, we only did a few slopes and then decided that the sane thing to do was be inside. Spent the rest of the day with books, card games and the Playstation. Monday turned out to be beautiful, with sunny skies and nice snow, we left for the slopes at around noon and got back around 6pm – a nice day, and my legs were starting to complain (in a good way).

After that it’s been a slow return to normal life, which is nice. The last few months have been quite a whirlwind, some quiet life is very much appreciated right now. The new place is still a bit of a mess, but it’s clearing up one box and shelf at a time. I’m trying to do some (even small) amount of organizing each day.

Right now, I’m looking at a calendar which actually has a lot of empty space in it. Empty space good.

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    by www.myspace.com/iwearnohelmet

    Empty space on calendar!?

    What is that? A pipe dream?

    Can’t remember the last time I had such a fabled thing in my life (empty space in the calendar, not a pipe dream, that is)

    Feeling like a proverbial white rabbit… -Lönkka

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