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Minireview: The End of Eternity (Pathfinder #22)

The End of Eternity (by Jason Nelson) is the fourth episode in the Legacy of Fire adventure path, and is also perhaps the best episode so far. Events take a sharp metaphorical left turn at the end of the last installment; this one happens entirely within an enclosed demiplane. Now, that can be good or bad, but in this case it’s pretty much all good. The demiplane involved is very cool and is essentially one big sandbox (literally, in parts) for the PCs to explore. Naturally enough, they need to figure out a way to escape… but thankfully that’s a puzzle with multiple solutions. Sure, there is a “most likely” way for them to get out, but plenty of other options are also presented.

The demiplane in question is an abandoned personal “resort space” of an ancient wizard, and as such contains plenty of bizarre features. As an added bonus, this back story makes for a good excuse for all that weirdness, which would not be very realistic elsewhere. Not that realism is even remotely something that D&D wants to be involved with, but still. Internal consistency is a good thing.

The only negative I can say about this section is that it requires some railroad in the previous episode, and also that it throws the PCs into something that’s quite different than what “they signed up for”. Most groups will consider this to be fine and have lots of fun with this… but someone may of course disagree.

In a way, this episode reminded me of Exalted. The demiplane shown here has many features that would be right at home in an Exalted game. I consider this praise.

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