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Minireview: Crypt of the Everflame (Pathfinder)

Crypt of the Everflame (written by Jason Bulmahn) is the first standalone Paizo adventure module to use their new Pathfinder rules (instead of D&D3.5). I don’t currently use D&D or Pathfinder rules myself so to me it looks pretty much the same as the earlier modules ruleswise, but of course it’s a milestone for Paizo. The stat blocks do look a bit cleaner now, and in general the layout is nice and neat. A number of sidebars are included, with conversion notes back to D&D rules and some explanation of new Pathfinder rules mechanics. Very nice job there.

This is a first level scenario, intended as the springboard for a larger campaign if needs be – there are two follow-up adventures in the works which can be linked to this. I have to say I liked the module quite a bit; the end does go a bit more in the stereotypical D&D direction but the first half is pretty damn cool. There’s actually a reason for the PCs to get together and “go adventuring”, and it’s a very good one with lots of extra story potential. Even though the players will of course suspect that things are not quite what they seem, the PCs themselves go into this with somewhat… misguided expectations that have to do with (their own) coming-of-age ritual.

Small warning: the description of this module on Paizo’s site contains some spoilerish info, so if you intend to play this I suggest you at least try to ignore that.

Good crisp layout, nice maps, good story… this one reads like a winner, as far as starter “D&D” scenarios are concerned. I suspect this module will become quite popular with people starting up a new Pathfinder game, or just wanting to run a test game / oneshot.

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