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The tipping point for “summer”, for me, is the point where I can sit outside on our patio and read in the sunshine, without needing winter wear. That point came last weekend, where it was almost hot there for a while. Granted I was wearing a fleece jacket, and the moment the sun vanished behind clouds the temperature dropped fast. But who cares, it felt like summer, or at least like a proper spring.

The cats approve, too. Despite the still lingering huge piles of snow all over.

Managed to switch to summer tirer on the car, too, though otherwise the car is still in an immobile state. The radiator leaks and (I think) the thermostat is also a goner. That, or the water pump. Hope it’s just the thermostat since that’s a fairly cheap replacement. Anyway, the thing started overheating recently and I just barely got it home. Now have a new radiator as a spare part and garage time scheduled for next week, we’ll see what the mechanic says. Hope it’s nothing too serious, the weather is starting to look like I can finally drive with the top down. Whee!

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