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Minireview: Children of the Revolution (Vampire: the Masquerade)

Children of the Revolution is the third Kickstarter-backed new book for Vampire: the Masquerade from Onyx Path. While not without its faults, it’s vastly superior to the V20 Companion book, in that it actually has interesting content. It’s modeled after the classic Kindred Most Wanted and Children of the Inquisition books – “coffee table” books which detail a number of Kindred (with a certain theme), with full-page artwork for each one, a reasonably detailed history, and game stats. Like the earlier books, this is mostly for background color in the game world, though some GMs may want to use some of these characters as-is.

So, since it’s a big catalog of NPCs (18 in all), it lives or dies based on the strength of the characters. On that basis, this book partly succeeds and partly fails; some of the characters are quite interesting and avoid easy stereotypes, while a few are particularly poor (including one fairly silly “Dread Pirate Roberts” wannabe). The characters are quite varied, which is a bonus. Some are young Neonates, while others are truly ancient creatures. The theme of “revolution” is used here as a basis for selecting the characters, and while it’s easy to see in some cases (a young ex-Occupy Wall Street protester), it’s vague to the point of invisibility in others.

The art is mostly high quality, and the layout is quite pleasant. While the characters themselves are of mixed quality, the writing itself is perfectly competent and usually engaging. In the end, this is a decent book; an interesting read if you’re into old WoD metaplot and back story or if you’re a GM looking for ready-to-use NPCs.

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