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Minireview: Milwaukee by Night (Vampire: the Masquerade)

Milwaukee by Night sounds almost like a comedy title, compared to the iconic old Chicago by Night… but it’s not, it’s a companion product of sorts to the Chicago book (which also references Gary, another city located on the shores of Lake Michigan). Here, Milwaukee is an isolated city; geographically not that far from Chicago, but surrounded by hostile country (to vampires) patrolled by werewolves. This makes is a great setting in combination with the old Chicago/Gary pair: close enough to make it plausible that the PCs move to/from the place, but difficult enough to access that the move is never trivial.

The book is divided into two main sections. The first one mirrors the Chicago book, though with a smaller page count. It describes the city in very general terms, and the local inhabitants and politics in much more detail. The basic setup is quite interesting; though there is again a grudge match between two ancient vampires going on in the background, unlike Chicago these aren’t godlike Methuselahs but “just” old vampires. In general, the power level is much toned down, and PCs have a lot more wriggle room – there is less of the “ancients control everything” vibe going on here. As written, the city is overcrowded (vampirically) due to the (ex)Prince’s lax laws, and is also now without a Prince – how that happens is detailed in the second half of the book. Overcrowded, surrounded by werewolves, no Prince and chaotic political situation… sounds great, in terms of story potential. And it is, to a large extent.

The second half of the book is an adventure module / minicampaign, titled “Psychomachia”. It starts with the PCs getting “recruited” to help out Prince Terence Merik as a special task force: the Prince’s wife is missing, possibly kidnapped, and the Prince desperately wants her back. Enter a bunch of expendable dupes, “willing” to help out. Well, perhaps genuinely willing, since the Prince does offer them some nice perks, especially nice if they are just neonates. In any case, the PCs go off to investigate and stuff happens. Lots of bad, confusing, violent stuff. And werewolves too.

I’m hesitant to say too much about the adventure, since it contains a few twists which are actually very cool, and there is still a non-zero chance that someone may want to run this. I’ll just say that the adventure is a mixed bag. It has some very nice scenes and ideas, which read like they could be a lot of fun. It also puts the PCs at least somewhat in the center of action. On the minus side, it’s at times quite railroaded (as White Wolf modules tend to be), and has lots of critical points where something is just expected to happen, with no ideas of what to do if it doesn’t. In other words, this one needs a careful GM touch and some extra work. It also features multiple fights which the PCs are expected to lose, this may not sit well with players. All that said, I do think this one may be worth running, the plot twists are (possibly) worth the effort and some of the scenes are very creative (in a good way).

Overall, I liked this. I think Milwaukee as presented here is actually a better starting point that the “classic” Chicago; there’s less elder-driven stasis and much more opportunity for Neonates, and the chaotic politics together with the werewolf threat makes for lots of plot potential. In addition, the included adventure is actually not bad at all. Well, for a White Wolf adventure anyway. It does need some work.

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