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Minireview: Double Tap (Night's Black Agents)

Double Tap is an expansion book for Night’s Black Agents. It’s almost all “crunch”, offering a ton of extra bits and pieces for the rules; either new rules to complement the old ones, or expansions and suggestions for the base ruleset. We also get stuff like an expanded gun list, which some play groups will no doubt welcome since stuff like that can help build a “real-life spy/miltech” feel. On the other hand, since the rules don’t really need detail on the specifics of various guns, some groups will opt to ignore this. While most of the information here is geared for the general player-visible game ruleset, the GM also gets some nice and shiny toys: new vampire options, including some fun “pre-generated” vampire types, some NPCs, and expansions into the chase rules which expand them into hacking, sneaking and tracking expanded contests. It’s a fun idea, and probably quite useful in the game now and then.

So is the book useful? Yes and no. You can easily run the game with just the core book, and very few groups will use all the options here. On the other hand, most groups and/or GMs will find something useful here for their game. It’s a huge grab bag of goodies for the game, so I’d say go get it unless you’re totally happy with the core rules and see no need for extra options.

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