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Minireview: Beyond the Rim (Edge of the Empire)

Beyond the Rim is the first dedicated adventure/campaign book for Edge of the Empire, featuring an exploration theme “beyond the rim”, as per the title. I don’t want to spoil the plot here, not the least because I intend to run this for my player group, but in general terms it concerns the hunt for a long-lost Separatist “treasure ship”. Someone has finally gotten hold of a solid lead on where the ship vanished to, ages ago, and the PCs are sent (or coerced) to find it. Of course, things aren’t all that simple, and the action involves more than one planet.

I liked it. It gives PCs a chance to really use their astrogation and piloting skills, it gives exploration-oriented characters a lot to do, the new settings are fun, and there is a wide variety of things to do in general. Sure, there are combat encounters, but also lots of exploration, social encounters and general investigation. The NPCs are detailed and varied enough to be interesting, with multiple possible hooks on how to involve the PCs. While the main plot is fairly linear, there’s a lot of leeway and many sections will probably become quite freeform in practice. There are bits here and there which I’ll probably tweak a bit when running this myself, but that applies to most published modules.

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