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Minireview: Sword of Valor (Pathfinder "Wrath of the Righteous" 2/6)

The “Wrath of the Righteous” adventure path continues with Sword of Valor, in which the PCs start the offensive against the demon hordes. The first part had the PCs (and some additional NPCs) as the survivors of a massive demonic surprise attack; here, they are recruited by the surviving leaders to head a counter-attack into the Worldwound, to fetch a McGuffin (the Sword of Valor) from the demon-occupied city of Drezen. To mirror the “heroic” theme of this adventure path, it’s naturally assumed that the PCs are the heroic types which will eagerly take up the task, otherwise things will grind to a halt.

Like the first part, this is pretty good stuff. The first half features an overland journey towards the occupied city, encountering demonic resistance along the way. The good thing here is that this is not only of the “kill, smash!” variety, there’s a lot of more subtle resistance also (including possible corruption of some of the NPCs, depending on PC actions). It’s well done, and reads like an interesting journey. As an extra bonus point, we have the (fairly subtle) introduction of two separate gey couples into the story, in a way which doesn’t make a big deal of their orientation(s).

The second part features the city of Drezen, and mass army combat. Mass combat rules are included here, but I have no idea of how they work in practice. Assuming they work at least somewhat, this second portions should also be interesting, with the PCs leading an army to reclaim a city. There’s also some more conventional small-scale combat, when the PCs attempt to find the artifact they came here for.

I continue to be positively surprised here, I wasn’t expecting all that much from this adventure path. Good job.

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