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Minireview: Shades of Empire (Warhammer 2e)

One of the last books published for the Warhammer Fantasy 2nd edition line, Shades of Empire is a compendium of various organizations of the Old World, including some new careers (and plot lines) connected to these groups. It’s a nice set, covering all sort of groups and organizations, ranging from fairly open and well-known ones to secret societies and cults. I can see this one getting quite a bit of use in a Warhammer 2e game, since a ready-made organization can be a huge boon for GMs while prepping the next game.

Perhaps the best known groups detailed here are the Roadwardens and the Imperial Navy, while others (the Hedgefolk, the Knights of Magritta, the Quinsberry Lodge etc) prefer to keep to the shadows. Then there’s the Glorious Revolution of the People, which is pretty much what it sounds like, and a sure recipe for violent hilarity when it collides with the entrenched feudal system of the Old World.

Nice sourcebook, and of course the groups listed here aren’t limited to 2nd edition, they should be just as useful in a 1e or 3e game (with some stat conversion for NPCs, of course).

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