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Minireview: Base Raiders

Base Raiders is a somewhat different “supers” game. In a way, it’s a sort of post-apoc superheroes game. Here, the world has seen the rise of superpowered individuals, and has gotten used to “superheroes” and “supervillains” duking it out. Then, with no warning, they all vanished at the same time. Nobody has seen them since. Now, later, a new generation of low-powered “supers” are appearing on the scene… and are discovering that the now-vanished old guard left behind vast caches of superweapons and whatnot, locked in their various headquarters and villainous lairs. What’s an enterprising “superhero” to do? Some breaking and entering, that’s what! It’s against the law, but who cares?

So, in a way, it’s a setup for superhero dungeon crawls, where the “dungeons” are now-vacated complexes left behind by other “supers”. So there’s ample justification for deadly traps, desperate minions defending their now-gone “master’s” property, and of course run-ins with the (ordinary) authorities. Even if the raid succeeds… what do you do with a cache of super-science tech that nobody, including you, understands anymore?

It’s a fun concept, and probably works nicely in play given a suitable gaming group. It’s powered by Fate (close to the version used in Kerberos Club), and isn’t too horribly crunchy. The book could have uses some more clarity and examples on how things work, in my opinion; while Fate veterans should have no problems, not everything was totally clear to me, ruleswise. Also, while we’re talking (slight) negatives, the art here isn’t all that good. Understandable, since good art is expensive, but it does detract a bit.

Despite small niggles, this reads like a solid game and it puts a slightly new spin on an old gaming trope – a couple of them. actually.

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