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Minireview: The Dying of the Light (Warhammer 1st ed)

The Dying of the Light is a campaign (of sorts, anyway) for Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay (1st edition). It’s from Hogshead Publishing, written at around the same time as the classic Enemy Within. While it’s not bad, as such, neither is it lauded as a classic. The main reason, I’d guess, is the fact that it’s more a set of (very) loosely linked scenarios than a tightly plotted campaign. The are very nice adventures here, but we also get some not-so-good ones, and since each adventure is from a different writer the tone changes all the time. In a way, this is the same problem the much more recent Thousand Thrones suffers from.

The main plot, such as it is, has to do with stopping the rise of a daemonic entity, starting in Marienburg and continuing on to the dismal Wastelands surrounding it. The first half of the book is quite good, but as things progress things become more and more incoherent. There’s probably a great campaign that can be salvaged here, but the GM needs to do a lot of extra work in knitting everything together smoothly and avoiding some of the crazier bits.

The best use of this book is probably as a source of stand-alone scenarios to plug into other campaigns (or play as one-shots).

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