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Minireview: The Monastery of Tuath (Shadows of Esteren)

The Monastery of Tuath is a sourcebook for Shadows of Esteren, focusing on the religious Temple and “Church of the One” faction and specifically focusing on one example monastery. Patterned heavily after “The Name of the Rose”, this is fairly grim and ascetic place, hiding equally grim secrets. The first part of the book details daily life in the monastery and gives a nice overview of what sorts of routines are involved; while you could easily run an Esteren monastery with some cursory knowledge of medieval church and monastery organizations, it’s helpful to have a guide to the places where this differs from the real-world historical counterparts. Mostly this has to do with the fact that here, monsters and magic is real (to some limited extent), as is “technomagic” – to the dismay of the Temple.

The book also has a investigation-heavy scenario, very much inspired by “The Name of the Rose” without being a carbon copy. It’s nicely done, and has leads to much larger (and more sinister) plots which the GM can expand upon, if needed.

As before, the production values are high and the art is pretty. This is a quality addition to the game series, though one squarely aimed at GMs.

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