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New books

Yay, Amazon (or the post office, to be more exact) got around to delivering two books I had ordered, The Book of Postfix and Linux Firewalls. I know how to do basic (and some not-so-basic) mail system configuration with Postfix, and I also know how to build firewalls with iptables… but both are pretty complex pieces of software and I want to get a somewhat deeper understanding of what really goes on in the internals.

Lots of reading to do.

Hmm, the Amazon sidebar is a bit annoying at the moment. I’ll trim it down soonish.

Later: can’t seem to find any documentation on Amazon’s legacy book link generator parameters, I want to get rid of that “buy now” botton etc. No luck. So I’m removing the sidebar for now and looking into coding something of my own using Amazon’s XML web services at some point.

Still later: decided to forget the sidebar, and to hack the Amazon link postprocessor in Typo to also include clickable book title images automatically. The page Abusing Amazon Images helped nicely with this. Lo and behold, after only about 20 minutes of hacking I had a functional first implementation. Gotta love Ruby.

After this, all I need to do is type in text like

<typo:code> Book title </typo:code>

where NNNN is the Amazon ASIN for the book in question, and the Typo plugin forms it into the correct link and also inserts a floating link with book cover art into the post. Nice.

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Drive recovery proceeding

Just got a message from DataPrey, saying that they are hunting down the spare parts for the recovery procedure – they have to find the exact same ones as the disk uses, and since it’s an old disk it could take some days. We’ll see how it goes.

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New weblog

It… lives!

The new server is chugging along nicely after the post-crash recovery, so I felt it was time for a new blog – I hadn’t updated the old one for about half a year for various reasons. This is now running on Typo 4.0.0, a very nice blog platform that’s written with Ruby On Rails. I’m still playing around with this, and using one of the default themes, but so far I really like what I see. Seems nicer than Wordpress, and Wordpress is not bad at all. Ajax is used to good effect, and the admin interface has some really spiffy Ajax-based drag+drop stuff in it.

I had a new theme layout done for a new blog, but that went with the crashed disk. I have an older backup copy, but I’m waiting to see if we get the crashed disk recovered or not before I proceed on that. I’m hoping to hear from DataPrey this week.

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