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The Great Traditional Chocolate Egg War

Easter is approaching and so is the traditional Easter Egg VTES Tournament. It’s not really a tournament, but there are easter eggs involved. Here’s how it works: we gather in a suitable place (pub, usually), and everyone brings VTES decks and lots of chocolate easter eggs. We play normally, except that the old Jyhad ante rules are in effect; chocolate eggs are used as ante. Yes, you can use the ante-increasing votes to push the amount of eggs up :). When you oust someone, you get their chocolate. Wheee!

The year we’ll again be congregating at Punavuoren Ahven, sometime around 12:00 - 14:00. The place opens at noon, and I have the cabinet reserved from 14:00 onwards (though it will no doubt be empty before that). I’ll be there by 14:00 latest, probably a bit earlier. Everyone welcome, just grab a deck or two and a pile of easter eggs.

In other news, moving frenzy has taken over our house, there are boxes scattered around the ground floor hallway and we’ve already moved a pile of books (and a wooden giraffe!) to the new home. The moving day “proper” is Sunday the 15th, by then we’ll have everything packed up ready to move and rent a big van. Tons of stuff on the todo list, trying to work through them one at a time.

I’m trying to move a few boxes of stuff every day now, every little helps in reducing the amount of work needed on the 15th.

Seems our network will move almost 2 weeks after we do, on the 27th. That means almost 2 weeks without home Internet access – looks like an emergency. We’ll have to (gasp) read, watch DVDs, play single-player games, talk, and do all those things people did in the Dark Ages (sans the witch-burning). Much chaos and hand-waving predicted.

As a result of the server move, this site (and swordschool.com) will be offline for at least a day (26th-27th), possibly quite a bit longer; Janka and I are going to Ruka for Vappu and if the server hookup isn’t done quite early on the 27th, it will have to wait until we get back on the 2nd of May. It may be that one of the housemates can hook things up, but I would not bank money on that.

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