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Minireview: None of This is My Fault (Paranoia)

None of This is My Fault is, besides being a very fitting Paranoia book title, is also a collection of three scenarios for the High Programmers edition of Paranoia. Since High Programmers has the players playing lofty Ultraviolets and lording over hordes of lesser minions, the scenario design here is quite a bit different than for normal Paranoia.

The first outing is Joy in the Morningcycle, where the PCs compete to steal a master chef for themselves (and away from a certain other High Programmer, of course). Of course, said chef has an agenda of his own and gaining his services might get… problematic. A bit on the zany side and definitely a humor scenario, it also features food recipes that are plain impossible (and fatal). Amusing enough, but a bit on the lightweight side.

The main scenario here is The Iceman Returneth (Again), which is (as far as I know) a new edition of an older scenario which I haven’t read. This is pretty fun stuff, and features the revival of an ancient pre-Alpha Complex computer technician who suddenly becomes the de-facto New Boss. Naturally enough, this isn’t something that causes much joy in the aristocracy of Alpha Complex, so of course vicious office politics (with added gunfire) commences. I don’t want to spoil the scenario here so I won’t go into specifics, but this seems like a lot of fun.

Last off there is When Things Were Interesting, more a mini-game than an actual scenario; it has the PCs managing FunBall teams in their so-called spare time, with some lightweight mechanics for figuring out how the teams fare. Nice filler to insert in among the “actual” events.

As a whole, it’s a decent set of extra material for High Programmers, and right now also the only expansion material available for that game, which raises its value somewhat.

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