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Almost normal

So, the net connection moved ok. Obviously. Not visible to the outside, there is still a glitch: it’s hooked up via the most inconvenient wall socket available in the house. Apparently we have a lot of old landline connections running to our house, and of course the default one was not the one we would have wished. I called Elisa and asked about moving it, and the guy at the help desk said it’s something any electrician can do at our end (via the house company phone distribution box). Hmm. So right now we’re at trying to figure out who has the key to that box. Stay tuned.

The May Day snowboarding/skiing expedition to almost-Lapland (Ruka) was fun. It got of to a slow start; on Saturday we “only” spent 3+ hours on the slopes before calling it a day, and then on Sunday there was a near-storm – strong winds and snow whipping past. The good chair lifts were all closed due to wind, and all that was left was some of the anchor lifts. Since I hate anchor lifts on a snowboard and since there was a storm alert given, we only did a few slopes and then decided that the sane thing to do was be inside. Spent the rest of the day with books, card games and the Playstation. Monday turned out to be beautiful, with sunny skies and nice snow, we left for the slopes at around noon and got back around 6pm – a nice day, and my legs were starting to complain (in a good way).

After that it’s been a slow return to normal life, which is nice. The last few months have been quite a whirlwind, some quiet life is very much appreciated right now. The new place is still a bit of a mess, but it’s clearing up one box and shelf at a time. I’m trying to do some (even small) amount of organizing each day.

Right now, I’m looking at a calendar which actually has a lot of empty space in it. Empty space good.

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Almost out of Iirislahti

Phew, we spent a staggering 11 or so hours cleaning up the old place. It’s amazing how much work there is in really cleaning a (fairly) big house, especially since removing all the furniture exposes all those places where our normal not-that-great cleaning has never reached. I’m sure that civilizations have risen and died in those piles of dust…

Anyway, that job is done, and a big thank you to the people who were over to help. The house now contains just this server, which will move sometime Thursday.

So note: this site, along with swordschool.com (on the same server) will go offline sometime this Thursday, probably in the evening. The Elisa guys have said that they will activate the new connection at the new place on Friday, but it’s anyone’s guess whether or not that will happen on schedule – in addition to which, Janka & I are heading off to the wild North for some snowboarding on Friday, so it will probably be up to our housemates to set up the network. That, also, may or may not work.

So be prepared for this server to be offline from this Thursday until next Tuesday/Wednesday. The break might be (much) shorter, but I can’t guarantee anything on that count. It might also be longer, if the bits refuse to move along the tubes that the Internet is made of.

In other words: until next Wednesday or so, text messages etc of “hey, orava.org/swordschool.com is down!” will be met with a resounding silence – partly because the answer would just be “no shit, Sherlock” and partly because we hope to be gliding/bouncing down sunny slopes on snowboards and other implements of destruction, ignoring stuff like that.

While cleaning, we moved the server downstairs, and it’s now been having network problems on and off. Today I replaces the ADSL cable and the network cable into new store-bought ones, it might have “just” been a cable problem. No idea what the real cause is/was, to tell the truth, could be anything.

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Where is the cat? The cat is in the jacuzzi!

A big “thank you” to everyone who helped us move last Sunday! Everything went smoothly, which was very nice after an utterly exhausting Saturday spent in nonstop packing. On Sunday we had lots of people at both ends, so packing and unpacking the van was fast and relatively painless.

After the moving op we relocated to our patio / front lawn and had more than a few beers and suchlike. The new sauna was tested (works fine), as was the jacuzzi (also works fine, after some experimenting with the controls). Some extra comic relief was provided by our more-fluff-than-brains cat, who decided that the jacuzzi was a great place to drink from – and promptly managed to fall in. I didn’t see the actual performance, I got fetched from the sauna to dry the soaked and indignant cat, who would not let anyone else near. No idea if the shocking bath left permanent scars in the little thing’s little mind or if this will become a more regular event.

So now we’ve officially relocated, and are trying to force the house into habitable shape. The first morning was a bit weird, waking up thinking “where’s my shaver? where’s my toothbrush? where’s a clean shirt? why am I surrounded by boxes?” so I could go off to work without quite looking like a cave man. Things resolved themselves, eventually.

Last night we managed to unpack the last of the 100 “moving boxes” we had rented, so that’s one more step out of the way. Today I have a meet with a locksmith and in the evening I intend to go to the old place to do some pre-cleanup before our “real” cleanup on the weekend. Lots and lots of stuff still to do, but no panic with anything. Well, ok, fixing the sink in the second bathroom is fast gaining some priority.

The place is still a mess, but it’s slowly coming together. For some reason, Typhoon the fuzzy cat has decided that people need to wake up at the new place earlier than at the old; he now starts waking us up at around 8am. We try to sleep, but so far the cat’s persistence has won over eventually. It hard so sleep with a furry terrorist going “meeeeeeep!” right into your ear.

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The light at the end of the tunnel...

…is the headlights of the rental moving van, approaching fast.

This Sunday (15.4) we start the big house moving op, beginning around 11am at our (old) place and around noon at the new place (Riihiniityntie 47). We intended to send out “please come and help us move, we’ll give you food and drink and consider you to be a really cool person!” emails yesterday, but after one thing and the other never got around to it with all the zillion other things to do. We might manage it today. Or not.

In any case: we would very much appreciate help with the moving operation, everyone is welcome whether they get a “please help us” email or not. As noted, we’re starting at about 11am at our current address, I’m picking up a big rental van sometime in the morning before that. We’ve already managed to move close to 100 boxes of stuff via normal cars prior to this, and both houses are pretty easy in the moving sense – the only stairs are at our old place, the new one is single-story and we can drive the van right to the front door (not through the front door, one hopes…).

We’ll arrange for some food and drinks, and sometime after the op we’ll also probably do the first test of the new sauna + jacuzzi. Wheee.

If you know you can come help it would be nice if you could let us know, but that not necessary – just showing up works fine. Our main interest is in figuring out whether we have enough people to make things go smoothly, or if we need to grovel some more and figure out some more enticements :)

I assume people who would potentially help us move know our email and phone info, but in case not (for some bizarre reason), my phone is 044-5754100.

Now off to cart stuff to the junk yard.

P.S. we have some amount of leftover furniture and “stuff”. If you need or could maybe use something, drop us a note and ask. We’d rather give stuff to people than junk it or give it to Kierrätyskeskus (though that works, too). No time now to write a proper list – and besides, we don’t even know the full list yet.

Moving is such fun. Good thing it’s a rare event.

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The Great Traditional Chocolate Egg War

Easter is approaching and so is the traditional Easter Egg VTES Tournament. It’s not really a tournament, but there are easter eggs involved. Here’s how it works: we gather in a suitable place (pub, usually), and everyone brings VTES decks and lots of chocolate easter eggs. We play normally, except that the old Jyhad ante rules are in effect; chocolate eggs are used as ante. Yes, you can use the ante-increasing votes to push the amount of eggs up :). When you oust someone, you get their chocolate. Wheee!

The year we’ll again be congregating at Punavuoren Ahven, sometime around 12:00 - 14:00. The place opens at noon, and I have the cabinet reserved from 14:00 onwards (though it will no doubt be empty before that). I’ll be there by 14:00 latest, probably a bit earlier. Everyone welcome, just grab a deck or two and a pile of easter eggs.

In other news, moving frenzy has taken over our house, there are boxes scattered around the ground floor hallway and we’ve already moved a pile of books (and a wooden giraffe!) to the new home. The moving day “proper” is Sunday the 15th, by then we’ll have everything packed up ready to move and rent a big van. Tons of stuff on the todo list, trying to work through them one at a time.

I’m trying to move a few boxes of stuff every day now, every little helps in reducing the amount of work needed on the 15th.

Seems our network will move almost 2 weeks after we do, on the 27th. That means almost 2 weeks without home Internet access – looks like an emergency. We’ll have to (gasp) read, watch DVDs, play single-player games, talk, and do all those things people did in the Dark Ages (sans the witch-burning). Much chaos and hand-waving predicted.

As a result of the server move, this site (and swordschool.com) will be offline for at least a day (26th-27th), possibly quite a bit longer; Janka and I are going to Ruka for Vappu and if the server hookup isn’t done quite early on the 27th, it will have to wait until we get back on the 2nd of May. It may be that one of the housemates can hook things up, but I would not bank money on that.

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social status++, mortage++, cash--

It used to be, and still is to some extent, that here in Finland you weren’t really a respected member of society until you owned a house or apartment (with the usual accompanying huge mortage, 2.4 kids and a Saab). My old crappy Saab is long dead and gone, the t2 gene lottery hasn’t provided us with kid BPOs yet… but we are, as of Tuesday, officially Better People As Far As Proper Society Is Concerned (tm).

As a horde of cloned Cartmans (Cartmen?) would say: “Respect our authoritah!”

Less than a month ago we decided to start looking for a house (due to the current rented one having been built by drunk monkeys and huge repairs looming in the future). Tuesday morning we finally signed the papers, and Tuesday night we had already embedded Janka in the house company (taloyhtiö) board. Go us. It’s been a bit of a whirlwind time; I’m slightly shell shocked by all this, and still have a hard time relating to the fact that we now actually own a house. Well, own a paper that entitles us to a house. Whatever.

Don’t have any picture of the new place to show (yet), but it’s a 172m2 “paritalo” (double house) in a 6-house house company (asunto-oy), located in Laaksolahti, about midway between Kehä I and III. The floor plan is very nice for our purposes, and there’s a nice (and small) private yard with a patio and some growing green stuff. And an apple tree. Inside, we have the customary sauna and the not-that-customary jacuzzi and fireplace. The whole thing is on top of a small hill, giving it a nice private feel.

The original Huoneistokeskus sale page for the house used to have some pics and a map, but now only gives the basic info with a “SOLD” stamp. Heh. Looks like Igglo has an entry on the house, though, with a picture of the house from the driveway. That page also has some links to maps.

Lots of things to do now, of course, having to do with the whole huge moving op and with getting the new house into livable condition. There will be a house warming party at some point, but don’t hold those breaths in quite yet. First we need stuff like furniture and broadband access. You know, basic human necessities?

So far, so good. The house is nice, the house company is small and the neighbors seem pleasant. Lots of cash drain to start off with, of course, so we’ll be pretty poor (or at the least, low on liquidity) for a while now. Should pass, once we get settled in.

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Jiivonen moved in with us today, yay. Most of the day has consisted of lots of people moving piles and piles of boxes into the house. I expect it’ll take quite a few weeks (months?) before things settle down, but it’s nice to have a fourth person in the house; now we don’t have two echoing empty rooms, but instead one occupied one and one gaming-room-to-be (at the moment acting as moving box storage).

Right now the house looks like a refugee camp more than anything else, but one of these days we’ll actually have cash to buy a… sofa! With luck, a nice one. And a comfy chair or two (sans the Inquisition). And… and… lots’o’stuff.

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