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Minireview: Final Flight

Will wonders never cease? We now have an actual new adventure module from Pagan Publishing. Between this and the resurrection of Delta Green, things are looking great on that front.

Unlike the previous Cthulhu scenario I read (Murder of Crows) Final Flight is not suitable as the beginning of a campaign – since it’s very doubtful there will be any characters left alive to start said campaign with. For the same reason, plopping this in the middle of a campaign might also not be the brightest of ideas… this thing is lethal. I think it would work best as a one-shot, with maybe a continuation campaign if any characters actually manage to survive.

The story has the PCs setting out to attend an archeological conference in South America, aboard the (prop-driven) Flight 101. This is a “classic era” scenario, so “modern technology” isn’t all that modern. Things go awry, and when I say “awry” I mean “crash in the middle of the jungle”. Hilarity ensues, as characters with skills more suited for academia try to survive hostile sort-of-natives, the hostile environment, other passengers, and other fun stuff. As noted, the probablity of any of them making it back to civilization are on the lowish side. Never underestimate the ingenuity of players, of course….

While I don’t think this is quite up to past Pagan quality, that’s purely because that quality has been so very high. The scenario is quite good, and goes in a “survival horror” direction that isn’t the most usual theme in Cthulhu. I think the biggest problem is that it’s quite sparse; the GM needs to do quite a bit of prepwork for this one and figure out how he/she wants to make the jungle lethal – no rules support is provided here. A somewhat bigger page count, with some additional detail, would have helped. That said, the price point is very low, so you are getting plenty of bang for your buck.

So… not a “must buy”, but not bad at all. If you want some jungle horror in your Cthulhu, take a look.

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The Stars are Right(ish)!

Strap on your ice skates and head towards the smell of brimstone, the Delta Green reprint is now actually available from Arkham Bazaar (and probably some other places as well). I didn’t want to risk missing out on this one, and ordered a copy as soon as I got word via the Delta Green mailing list. Huzzah!

In related news, Dennis & the guys are preparing to accept orders on the upcoming Delta Green: Eyes Only opus. Reprinting all 3 of the long-out-of-print DG chapbooks, with new art and some new material, this is high on my “MUST BE MINE!” list. Especially since it will be a limited print run due to contract reasons, and getting hold of it after it sells out will be… tricky (and will probably involve a wetworks squad and some ninja zombies).

I love the fact that Pagan and the Delta Green guys are all experimenting with new ways to publish books. With niche products like this, which have a high demand within their niche, print-on-demand and stuff like the ransom model of financing are coming into their own; they make it possible to publish things that would not make financial sense via the traditional channels. Which is nice.

The only bad part is that you have to be “in the know” to actually get the books. More and more, things like this are “Internet orders only”, you won’t find them in normal game stores and will probably never even hear of them unless you frequent various web forums, mailing lists and whatnot. That’s the price you pay when the middle man is cut off.

Update, later: I just got word that Fantasiapelit is getting a batch of the Delta Green reprint books, arrival in 2 - 2.5 weeks from now. So if anyone local is interested, no need to order from abroad, just check out the Fantasiapelit “new arrivals” section.

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