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Summer scheduling

Looks like I need to start scheduling my summer right about now, a lot of things need decisions round this time. For example, I just heard that The National are coming to Ankkarock… and of course Ropecon is on the same weekend. Gah. I really want to see The National, they were one of the best “new finds” of last year for me. Good news is that they are performing on Sunday. I’ll probably be able to combo the con Sunday with a rock festival. Somehow. It might involve beer.

In addition, a friend’s paintball weekend thingy lands on top of Provinssirock. Probably choosing the paintball there… sure, it would be nice to see Placebo (again) and Nick Cave, but now that (another) friend no longer lives nearby that would be a pretty expensive trip – I think I’ll opt for the cheaper “run in the woods and get shot” option. Oh, and of course there’s a KMFDM club gig on that same weekend. Already have tickets for that, but not yet sure how I’ll combo everything.

Oh, and we’re planning of maybe visiting Iceland in August, and continuing from there to Burning Man (once again!). Still in the planning stages, but that one will eat up both our vacation time and a chunk of cash. Why Iceland? Because we can. And because it should be less horribly expensive now, due to their financial crash. Sucks for them, good for us.

Having fun takes work, I tell you.

Incoming fire has right of way

Giving rest and relaxation a wide pass, we spent last weekend at a paintball wargame weekend, organized by a friend. Around 25 people, most pretty experienced… and then us and a couple of other semi-newbies as designated cannonfodder. I’ve tried paintball before now and then, but only with shortish sessions at rental game fields. This was a bit more intense, we spent about 8 hours crawling around the forest on Saturday and a few more on Sunday. Hot, sweaty, exhausting and quite fun. I died a lot (no surprise), but did manage to get some kills in. I think Janka did a bit better, but who knows – this was an informal “for fun” event, with no scorekeeping or anything like that. Just normal capture-the-flag and some extra scenarios thrown in for spice.

Since this was the anniversary of the Normandy D-Day invasion, we ended off Sunday with a simulated invasion scenario: six people with either full-auto markers or good semi-autos defending a small bridge, and everyone else trying to storm over it to capture the flag. Fun, even though I managed to run out of ammo in the end and only noticed this while hunkering down in a bed of nettles with paint whizzing over my head.

Good exercise in any case, I can still feel some complaints from my leg muscles… and it was nice to spend a few nights sleeping in a tent, the last time we used our tent was at Burning Man (and it showed, the amount of playa dust in the tent bag was ridiculous).

Anyway, it was good fun, good food and good weather. No complaints.

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We had a bachelor party (“polttarit”) for a friend on Saturday, I’m the best man so I did most of the organizing – that doesn’t mean I did all the work, just that I sent a lot of emails and worried a lot about how it would turn out. Well, things went wonderfully and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves, including the groom-to-be. Maybe it’s just that we’re all getting a bit older here, but this was a fairly low-alcohol event by “polttari” standards… sure, we drank quite a bit, but all things considered not all that much. I can even call it “civilized drinking” with a totally straight face.

We started off with 2 hours of paintball, run by Pro Games. A lot of fun, as paintball usually is, and as an additional bonus most of the group were first-timers. I heard a lot of “Hey, this is actually fun!” comments from people. After the paintball, with everyone sweaty, bruised and multicolored from the paint, we drove down to the seashore for a picnic. After some bubbly stuff and snack type food, the Saunaship came to fetch us from the nearby boat harbor. It was really cool, sitting in a good, wood-heated floating sauna out on the bay, with sausages sizzling on the gas grill and the sun shining down happily… and hey, I went swimming in the sea for the first time this summer, the water was really warm and nice.

After two hours of the floating sauna, the sauna captain shuttled us to a nearby (other) small-boat harbor, where we packed ourselves into yet another small boat and went to an island holiday house owned by a relative of one of the participants. Great place, and a lot bigger than I had expected. The rest of the evening involved grilled lamb, red wine and yet more sauna. At some point we decided to call it a day, and got ourselves taxis for a ride home.

Thanks to all involved, couldn’t have done it without you :)

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