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System Failure Imminent (have a nice day)

Yesterday Janka noted that the server “had been making funny noises”, and lo and behold, my email queue held a few notices about RAID1 disk failure. Seems that the older disk of the pair (a Hitachi 160G) had crashed hard, all partitions unusable. Still, thanks to the RAID, the system is up and running (in degraded single-disk mode). Put in an order for a new (larger) disk at Verkkokauppa, should be here in a few days – I’m betting that the single newer disk won’t also crash in the meantime. Did do some extra backups, though, just to be paranoid.

So… seems that the software RAID is working as intended and the email notifications are also working. Things could be a lot worse. Having suffered one big server crash in the past and lost quite a bit of data due to the backups also being corrupted, I’m now firmly in the group which refuses to run a server without a RAID disk (and reliable backups).

Lots of things I want to improve, once/if I get some extra cash. I want a separate NAS box to handle backups and other mass storage for our home network (D-Link DNS-323 is my current candidate), and I also want to upgrade the whole server at some point – the current machine is a low-end desktop box with a 1.8GHz single-core Sempron and only 2 gigs of memory. It works, but a multicore machine would make a lot of server operations snappier and more memory would naturally also help. The current machine only has 2 memory slots (low-end desktop, remember) and they are DDR400. I’m not sure if 2G DDR400 modules even exist, and if they do they are almost certainly very expensive – so might as well upgrade the whole machine at some point. No real hurry on that, though.

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