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Railscasts considered awesome

I have to give a shoutout to Railscasts, a screencast series by Ryan Bates, which is made of Awesome. As might be guessed, the subject is Ruby On Rails programming. In each episode, he talks about one specific subject (be it a technique, plugin, gem, or whatever) and shows how things work. I typically at least try out most of the things he talks about, often adopting them permanently for my own use (sometimes not; I’m not wild about Cucumber for example).

Many of the episodes are also available as “asciicasts”, for those without required video codec etc, and/or for those who want easy cut+paste access to code.

Without exaggeration I can say that at least half of the advanced Rails techniques I’ve learned (and sometimes forgotten) over the past few years have been due to Ryan’s screencasts. So… thanks, man. Keep on rocking.

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