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New Delta Green novel ransom

Dennis Detwiller’s long-rumored new Delta Green novel “Throught a Glass, Darkly” is now up for ransom at Kickstarter. For us E.U. people, contributing $35 gets you both an ebook version of the book (once complete) and a limited-edition hardcover dead-tree copy, in addition to your name in the acknowledgements of the book. I’m in, naturally enough, Delta Green novels and short stories have all been very high in quality at least so far.

They’re trying to raise a fairly substantial sum ($26,000), which will cover both the limited-edition hardcover (for the Kickstarter supporters), the ebook version, and a mass-market paperback. The time limit is two months (up to June 19th). As always with these things, you only pay the “ransom” amount if the project succeeds, so it’s a no-risk proposition.

They (Arc Dream Publishing that is) have also opened up this ransom for retailers and distributors. For example, one of the ransom options is as follows:

PLEDGE $180 OR MORE (Qualified retailers or distributors in Canada or the E.U. only. Contact shane.ivey@gmail.com to confirm.) The ebook edition and 10 copies of the hardcover limited edition. For each additional $18 we’ll send another copy of the hardcover. This fundraiser is the only way retailers will be able to order the hardcover limited edition at a discount.

That means that game stores also have the option of getting some copies of the otherwise-unavailable hardcover edition (plus ebook edition), for $18 per copy ($15 for stores/distributors inside the US) including shipping. Might be a fun specialty item for some stores, perhaps, and in any case it’s a nice option.

And hey, there’s also the luxury support option: :)

PLEDGE $4,000 OR MORE LIMITED REWARD 1 of 1 remaining (Elsewhere.) Your name appears in a special dedication in ‘Through a Glass, Darkly’; you get the ebook edition and up to 50 copies of the hardcover limited edition shipped anywhere in the world; and author Dennis Detwiller will fly to your town to perform a live reading from ‘Through a Glass, Darkly’ at the venue of your choice (some restrictions may apply) or run a game of Delta Green for you and your friends.

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Big Bad Ransom

Arc Dream is really getting into the ransom model nowadays. The latest one is from the esteemed Benjamin Baugh, for Bigger Bads: an expansion book for Monsters and Other Childish Things.

If they reach the required sum by January 15th, they’ll do a print run and the contributors will get physical copies and/or PDFs (and their names in the credits). Greg Stolze recently did this sort of thing for Reign Enchiridion, a paperback “just the rules” edition of Reign, with a few extra goodies thrown in. It actually reached 120%, so here’s hoping this one does well too.

Alternative publishing (NIN, Delta Green)

More and more, companies and individuals are exploring alternatives to the traditional ways of publishing and releasing stuff. Two new examples saw the light of day just now.

First off, we have Trent Reznor (Nine Inch Nails) releasing a whole new album, just scant months after the last double-disk instrumental set. This time around, the whole thing is absolutely free, you can download “The Slip” in various digital forms, without needing to pay Trent one dime (or having to deal with DRM or other nonsense). Trent says that he intends to also release the album in more traditional CD form later, but for now the digital download is a “free gift to the fans”. Apparently his previous “decide how much you want to pay” foray with the Ghosts set was a success – or else he just wants to thumb his nose at the big record labels. Or maybe both. Me, I’m not complaining, I’ve really liked the new NIN stuff – lots of energy and actual melody, instead of just industrial drones.

The second has to do with roleplaying books, where the guys at Pagan Publishing / Arcdream decided that they would like to publish a new Delta Green book (which is at least partly complete already), but all their cash is tied down in other book projects. The Ransom Model to the rescue! So, we now have a new Delta Green: Targets of Opportunity book ransom running; you pledge $50, and if they manage to raise the full $20,000 there will be a print run and you’ll get a copy of the book. If not, you don’t get charged anything and they’ll possibly publish it later via more traditional means, but there’s no guarantee or timeframe on that. So in effect, it’s a binding pre-order for a book, which also gauges how much interest there is for the thing. Very cool, and Greg Stolze has been doing it for a while now with his Reign supplements. Because it’s a printed, hardcover book, international customers will need to Paypal an extra $25 to cover shipping if the book goes to print.

Personally… well, a new hardcover book filled with more Delta Green goodness? Of course I’m in. Besides liking the ransom model in general, Delta Green rocks and the writers on this one are once again first-class. Here’s hoping they get enough pledges so we’ll get the book sooner instead of (much) later. It’ll cost me $75 with international shipping, but with the current $-vs-euro rate that’s about 50e which is quite a normal price for a big hardcover book.

So… if you like NIN, hop on over to their site and download the new album as a gift. If you like Delta Green, pledge your $50 and support the excellent cause of “pay great writers to create tons of cool new modern Cthulhu stuff”. Can’t really go wrong with either choice.

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