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Snow! Jacuzzi! More snow!

We’re escaping the traditional Vappu celebrations and heading north. Tomorrow evening I hope to be soaking in a spa, then with any luck I’ll be snowboarding at Ruka on Friday & Saturday. Haven’t done any snowboarding at all this year… but hey, this is a good time to start.

All this assuming there’s no new surprise volcanic eruptions, airline strikes or whatever.

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Daily Show not visible... not!

Well, survived another Vappu (Mayday celebration) again. Had fun, drank a lot, ate a lot, got a bit sunburned… situation normal. We had a nice grill-thingy at our place after Ullanlinna, since Janka was on call over May Day eve and we didn’t party then. Thanks to everyone who showed up, it was a good way to end Vappu. Good thing the next 2 days were not allocated for anything constructive… since I wasn’t feeling constructive. At all. Lizard mode + sun = happiness.

On to something completely different. I’m a big fan of The Daily Show… it’s funny and a bit sad that one of the more biting political commentary shows in the U.S. is billed as a comedy show. Anyway, it’s great stuff. Was even better when the Shrub was in office, making fun of Bush & Cheney was just so easy and rewarding. Obama makes Daily Show work a bit harder… but just a bit.

Anyway, I’ve been watching the thing via the web for a while now. Until just now, when I noticed that suddenly I get a notice “this content is not available in your country”. Wtf? Apparently somebody had bought the rights to show the thing here in Finland, and as a result it’s cut off via the web. For fuck’s sake… I’m not going to watch television at this day and age, that’s so last century. So what to do? Bittorrent? Well, that’s a bit cumbersome for something like the Daily Show, lots of episodes and lots of hassle.

It took about 10 minutes to find a solution. There’s an extension available for Firefox named X-Forwarded-For Spoofer. You figure out the rest.

Yes, it works. So screw you, international broadcasting rights holders, once again. I’m not going to watch this “broadcast TV” thing of yours, I gave up on that years and years ago.

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